Feel it

Saint Laurent’s latest Fanzine celebrates the conceptual emotion of photographer Rachel Seidu
Art | 15 March 2023

The seventh edition of Anthony Vaccarello‘s Saint Laurent Rive Droite Fanzine sees the designer invite artist Rachel Seidu to exhibit her work.


Through her vivid photography, Seidu tells rich stories across the incredible landscape of her native Nigeria, experimenting with colour and tone to create elegant, emotive shots. Like Vaccarello, Seidu plays with gender tropes, blurring the lines to reveal vulnerability, identity and strength.

“Her photographs take viewers on an emotional journey,” reads the accompanying notes, “breaking and erasing stereotypes related to African culture, gender, race and sexuality to create intimate stories of her subjects that are both accurate and real.”

Alongside the fanzine, seven of Seidu’s photographs will be exhibited in Saint Laurent’s Rive Droite stores in LA and Paris.

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