Lea Occhi: DJ and co-founder of inclusive Parisian techno haven, Spectrum
By Alex James Taylor | Music | 10 March 2023
Photographer Sophie Klock
Stylist Keeley Dawson.

Inside the upcoming HEROINE 18, we spotlight four emerging electronic producers creating soundscapes for escapism. Here’s an exclusive advance preview – next in the series is Lea Occhi.

Once a month, La Station Gare des Mines, a former railway station in Paris, turns into a techno haven organised by LGBTQIA+ collective, Spectrum – co-founded in 2017 by French electronic musician Lea Occhi and her best mate David Hogan. “Spectrum was born from the fact that freedom is dying in Paris and I couldn’t find proper techno parties combining respectful crowd, mental techno, tolerance and safety,” says Occhi. Creating a safe space for people to lose themselves and let go, Spectrum’s inclusive ethos extends across diverse line-ups, on-site prevention and awareness stands, and security staff training; constantly evolving and tweaking in dialogue with their audiences.

Now based in Berlin, Occhi’s sonic craft has kicked on, layering groove-led rhythms over deep techno beats that swing and drop, constantly twisting and turning with joyous mischief – unmistakable and irresistible. This ability to splice potentially disparate sounds and genres traces back to the musician’s formative years: cornerstoned by her dad’s love for crooners like Gainsbourg and Brel, and her German uncle who would play his favourite techno records during Christmas dinner. “My neighbours must think I’m bipolar to go from an Oscar Mulero to Édith Piaf,” laughs Occhi. “The common thread is emotion. I like to be touched in the heart, to be told stories. Both styles make me travel like nothing else, dance, transport, question myself, or sometimes cry.”

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