New era

Daniel Lee’s first Burberry imagery features a cast of British stars
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 6 February 2023

Following a now-customary Instagram account wipe, today saw Burberry reveal the first imagery under its new creative officer Daniel Lee.

Playing on notions of Britishness, the campaign brings together a diverse, A-list cast of talent from across the Isles. This includes musicians Skepta, Shygirl and John Glacier, renowned actor Vanessa Redgrave, footballer Raheem Sterling, models Lennon Gallagher and Liberty Ross. All shot by Tyrone Lebon, the images are backdropped by iconic London landmarks such as the Albert Bridge and Trafalgar Square. These famous faces are joined by two giants of British culture: the fox and the goose.


While the imagery features heritage clothing (you’ll have to wait until Lee’s debut show taking place on the 20th February to see the designer’s vision), Burberry’s iconic equestrian knight logo returns: fun fact – the original design was the winning entry of a public competition to design a new logo in 1901. This time around, the motif features the Latin word ‘prorsum’ meaning ‘forwards’.

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