Westwood 4eva: revisiting our very special World’s End archive shoot
Fashion | 24 January 2023

Formally known as Let it Rock, Too Fast Too Young to Die, Sex and Seditionaries, in 1979 Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren‘s legendary 430 Kings Road store became Worlds End – and still is to this day. Designed by Michael Cotiff, the space was redefined as a wonky galleon, with its slanted floor, wooden interior and a large, backwards-ticking 13-hour clock stuck to its facade. World’s End reflected the fashion house’s vision at the time, which spliced swashbuckling pirate energy with asymmetrical tailoring, towering Buffalo hats and dark new romantic glamour.

In 2014, inside HERO 12 we collaborated with Head of Archive at Vivienne Westwood Murray Blewett on a very special shoot featuring key pieces from the World’s End archive. As we reflect back on Westwood’s incredible, uncompromising life and career, we revisit this exclusive shoot.


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