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Givenchy’s (B).Stroy collaboration gets the NFT treatment
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 21 November 2022

Since taking the helm at Givenchy, designer Matthew M. Williams has utilised his contacts book, creating a collaborative environment where ideas are shared and realised. Now comes a new collab with Brick Owens and Dieter Grams’ Atlanta-born, New York-based label (B).Stroy.

Here, connections between contemporary art and fashion are explored, creating an instinctive joint visual language meaningful to both brands. Layered colours and distressed effects draw focus across draped tees, cropped bombers decorated with patches, loose denim and double-headed hoodies – a (B).Stroy signature. Shark Lock boots are adorned with symbolic charms, and the TK-360 comes in new season colorways.

“Brick and Du are longtime friends who share my vision of fashion as an inclusive space for experimentation and expressing personal style,” said Williams. “Together, the three of us focused on creating streetwear with unexpected treatments that resonates beyond fashion and enters the realm of contemporary art on the street and in Web3.” 


Plugging into artistic innovation, emblematic pieces from the collection will also be accompanied by limited-edition NFTs, created by experimental Web3 artist collective, FELT Zine.

“FELT Zine collaborators are directly influenced by talents like Matthew M. Williams who allow us to create freely and see our aesthetics and interests reflected at the highest level of art and fashion. With Givenchy, we are actualizing our inspiration in real time while making a Web3 contribution to the House’s heritage,” said FELT Zine founder Mark Sabb, an artist, curator, and creative technologist.

The Givenchy x (b).Stroy collaboration is available now, Givenchy x (b).Stroy NFTs are minted on Ethereum; this drop is facilitated by Aura Blockchain Consortium’s NFT solution and technology.

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