Anarchy in the UK

Hades latest knitwear collection is dedicated to Sex Pistols’ DIY style
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 8 November 2022

Known for their music-inspired knits and DIY aesthetic, British brand Hades take a traditional, heritage craft and give it that subversive edge. Previously, the brand has created pieces in ode to David Bowie and The Cure, now comes a collection dedicated to punk royalty, the Sex Pistols.


Drawing from the Pistols’ legacy of anarchism and counterculture mentality – conjured by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood – the collection cuts two new shapes in homage to the band: an off-centre jumper inspired by John Lydon’s self-customised 1976 knit (the same year as the band’s infamous Grundy Show interview), and an asymmetric, screen-printed patched cardigan. The collection is rounded off by two ‘Anarchy In The UK’ scarves

“The Sex Pistols helped create a subversive counterculture that has been an inspiration to Hades since the beginning,” say the brand. “We are an independent brand that supports craftsmanship, local manufacturing and free artistic expression.

Releasing the collection at such a pertinent time feels apposite, people should not accept the current state of society. Punk was a historic moment that demonstrated clearly that fashion and style are a form of communication – we ask: “What tools do we have at our disposal to articulate dissent from contemporary orthodoxies? Let’s use them.”

Shop the collection here.

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