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Thrilling Halloween buys to make you jump with delight
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 31 October 2022

It’s Halloween, that time of the year when being scared shitless is bang on trend and seeing the walking dead lurch down the street isn’t just the morning commute. While thrift store finds and your nan’s hand-me-down sexy devil outfit may be the easy sartorial options, this Halloween we’ve curated a list of treats from the likes of Saint Laurent, Nick Cave and JW Anderson that could elevate your look from just scary to scary good.

Anthony Vaccarello thrills
If you’re going down the more luxurious route this Hallow’s Eve, Anthony Vaccarello will make you scream… in delight, with the release of a new Saint Laurent Thrill Me capsule. From essential pitch-black leggings to spider keyrings, skull candles and skeleton totes, there are also leather gloves, rhinestone stilettos and a faux fur cropped peacoat for the more glamourous Morticia Addams’s amongst us.

Shop the Rive Droite Thrill Me collection here.

Cave Things
Nick Cave was born for Halloween, what with his dark, brooding sonic sensibilities and king of darkness, svelte silhouette, he’s a guaranteed headliner for the Eternal Damnation 2022 tour (and every other year, we guess). But above ground, the musician’s curated Cave Things store has some fiendishly good stock ideal for this time of the year. We’re talking cute spectre necklace pendants, a card featuring a cat saying “boo!” and a set of pencils featuring Cave’s most devilish lyrics.

Shop the Halloween collection here

JW Anderson is blood-thirsty
Sissey Spacek as Carrie White being crowned prom queen before massacring her schoolmates. It’s the stuff of Halloween horror legend, and now you can wear the iconic image on the front of a beautifully tailored shirt courtesy of JW Anderson and his Carrie capsule collection. If we had telekinetic powers like Carrie, we’d transport all of this collection into our wardrobe. [squints really hard with futile determination]

Shop the Carrie collection here

Swatch glow in the dark
Everyone knows that the scariest things happen under the cloak of darkness. Dim the lights and what may look like an ordinary (yet beautiful) Swatch timepiece suddenly glows with skeleton heads and everyone’s favourite scary clown, Pennywise. The hands are thin and skeletonised and a warning glows, “run but you can’t hide” – perhaps as an existential warning about how quickly time passes? The scariest of all realities!

Shop the collection here.

maharishi in the woods
The latest collection from London-based brand maharishi certainly has a touch of Hallow’s Eve about it. Exploring the optimistic Buddhist concept of the transitory of life and how it was contrasted by the cynical viewpoint of the conservative military government inflicted by Shogunates at the time, founder Hardy Blechman dissects a serious subject matter with a hint of the spooky. Accompanied by an eerie campaign shot in a dusky forest, a colour palette predominantly consisting of black is fashioned into all-encompassing hoods as a series of tees are emblazoned with the phrase, ‘The Mark of the Beast’ – we’ve warned you, proceed with caution.

Shop the collection here

Places+Faces Film Club
Wear your favourite Halloween movie proudly across your chest thanks to this new Places+Faces ‘Film Club’ t-shirt range. Inspired by bootleg tees, these nod to three classics of the scary season: The Shining, Shaun of the Dead and American Psycho. The accompanying campaign sees British models and talents in a cinema watching their chosen film as Freddy Kreuger and that giant rabbit from Donnie Darko peer over their shoulders.

There are also two special green and black varsity jackets adorned with the motif ‘Places Plus Faces Film Club’ – just like the ones worn by the kids in a slasher movie before… well, you know what happens…

The line will be available here from 15:00 on 28th October.

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