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Guitar duo Hermanos Gutierrez curate the ultimate desert drive playlist
By Alex James Taylor | Music | 15 November 2022
Photographer Jess Segal

Like the moon’s reflection on the desert floor, Hermanos Gutierrez’s sound spans far and shimmers deep. Shaped by highway drives, spaghetti westerns and 50s Latin music, these two brothers – Estevan and Alejandro – cast sweeping instrumentals that translate epic journeys across lucid landscapes.

The brothers’ latest work, El Bueno Y El Malo, hits the gas, produced by Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach at his Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville. Translated as ‘The Good and the Bad’ (an obvious nod to Sergio Leone’s 1966 film, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and its iconic Ennio Morricone score), the record begins with a reverberated riff, and never looks back – set to this exquisite, sweeping soundtrack, even the most everyday errands are elevated to monumental odysseys.

While performing in London recently, we asked Estevan and Alejandro to create a playlist of songs discovered on their own travels. Listen to the curated tracklist below alongside exclusive portraits taken by photographer Jess Segal.

I’m Coming Home (To See My Mother) by Clifton Chenier
“Just recently, while driving through the desert of Joshua Tree, our buddy Aaron tipped us off about this beautiful track. We were all sharing our favourite tracks and this has now become now one of our favourites and the first track we got to hear from Zydeco, a genre that evolved in the Southwest of Louisiana.”

Crying Guitar by Johnny Blue
“A western instrumental song exactly how we love it!”

Valicha by Los Destellos
“While recording at Dan’s Studio Easy Eye Sound in Nashville, we listened to music from old records in our breaks during recordings. This was the first song Dan played us and we instantly felt the connection to him through music.”

El Muchacho de los Ojos Tristes by Adrian Quesada
“One of our all-time favourite tracks, which features on the playlist we use for the last fifteen minutes before we come up on stage and play our set. It’s such a beautiful song and is made all the sweeter as we got to know Adrian Quesada after randomly bumping into him in a clothing store in LA.”

Theme from the Godfather by Professionals
“You’ve got the drums, the organ, amazing guitar sounds and trumpets that combine to make this probably the most badass cover version of all time!”

Si No Quieres Bailar Vuelve a Casa by Los Scorpios
“It’s hard to find any information on this band. We think it might have been a Peruvian band from the 60s. Discogs has listed this song as a 45 RPM, published under FTA, a Peruvian independent label founded in 1963.”

La Playa by Paco Zambrano y sus Ratones
“One of our all-time favourites. Another Peruvian band active in the 60s and 70s. This instrumental ballad takes us back in time when we were spending beautiful holidays at our grandmother’s restaurant, sitting at the porch and observing people passing by, while our grandfather was selling gas cylinders to local customers. It’s hard to find on Vinyl, for sure, but we both have this record as part of our personal collections.”

La Nave del Olvido by José José
“We were recently having dinner in Joshua Tree in a Mexican restaurant and there was a band of two playing old songs on a guitar and on a harp. We instantly stopped eating our food and focused on listening to their incredible cover version of this beautiful song.”

Hung Over by The Martini’s
“After our first show in Nashville at the Ryman, the whole Easy Eye Sound family organized a party at the Dive Motel. It was such a fun evening with Dan spinning some old 45 records. This song represents how the whole evening felt.”

Love Letters by Ketty Lester
“We came across this song while watching the movie Killing Them Softly. It blew our minds how such a beautiful song could be used for such a brutal yet poetic slow-motion shooting scene. It’s the perfect song to end this playlist.”

GALLERYPhotography by Jess Segal

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