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Weed leafs and canine shirts: six must-have’s from the Palace Autumn 2022 drop
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 5 August 2022

Palace’s Autumn 2022 lookbook has landed, and, unsurprisingly, it’s pretty killer. Season after season the label bestows upon us expertly placed collabs, an array of oversized jackets that fit just right, and some pretty innovative print designs too. This Autumn is certainly no exception to the rule, with ‘herb grinders’, dog toys, skateboards and, you know, actual clothing all up for grabs as we brace up for the cooler months ahead. In this mini-guide, we’ve rounded up the best bits from this season’s drop that are definitely worth queueing for.

Palace Payne shirt

We at HERO are of the position that there simply isn’t enough dog-motif clobber in the world. Why are we not celebrating man’s best friend more? Leave it to Palace to put the work in with this wearable, canine-cherishing shirt – so dangerously kitschy-country it could almost be the pattern for a board game, a severe Lassie meets Yorkshire Tea kind of deal. And for the inner loungewear-lover in you, the print even comes in a waffle-knit jumper. Happy days.

Reflector Trees Jacket and Track Pants

It would be very cheap and uninventive of us to make any hide-and-seek-related puns about this tracksuit. We can’t see why that would be funny… In all seriousness, this jumble of AI-generated foliage is adorned with reflector trims that defy all logic, rhyme and reason. Yes, it may not be good for in-the-trenches combat, but honestly, who cares when you’re packing this much steeze?

Shell Facemask P 6-Panel

Never again will you have to worry about leaving your mask at home with this feat of engineering. For those days where the wind is whipping up a storm right in your face, or you happen to be sat on public transport next to something that smells truly putrid, Palace’s 6-panel hat mask in stone is the answer to all life’s problems. It also vaguely reminds us of a chain mail helmet from the Middle Ages, so if King Arthur/war re-enactment is your thing… you know what to do.

Jesus Gilet

Jesus saves, and spends it on a fuzzy Palace gilet with hot-pink lining and weed leaf patches. A suitable fit for turning water into red wine and then into an iced oat milk latte, or just embracing that awkward, not-quite-coat-weather-yet period of early Autumn.


Tabloid Jacket

We’ve all dreamt about the kind of headlines we’d generate when we make it big. Would it be for a benevolent, life-saving act? Maybe a successful world record attempt, or the prime position on an awards show’s best-dressed list. If you must know, the Palace gang actually crave the blood-thirsty chaos of a  ‘Wagatha Christie’ moment, drawing on the hysteria crafted by the British tabloid press by spinning their own deranged tales of murder and secret lovers across dark, stiff denim. We’ll take them in all iterations, please, even the bucket hat.

Adidas Palace EQT Sweatshirt

Game, set, match. This one’s for the mid-life crisis havers who thought they could be tennis professionals way back when, but unfortunately had to bow out due to a ‘sprained ankle’. Another addition to the ‘Palidas’ cannon, the EQT sweatshirt recalls the loose-fitted activewear of the 80s with stretchy, trefoil print necks on a smooth off-white base. Very Princess Di if she’d just seen King Richard and wanted a crack at the Williams dynasty.

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