Kylie and Jason reunite for the Neighbours finale tonight
Film+TV | 29 July 2022

Australia’s long-running soap opera Neighbours is set to come to a dramatic end tonight with a much-anticipated hour-long finale after 37 years.

A mainstay on Aussie TV, the show is ending on a high, with a slew of famous faces returning to the iconic Ramsay Street, including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Margot Robbie. In a teaser trailer, we see Scott and Charlene (Kylie and Jason) leaning against a car as they reminisce on their time together: in 1987, the couple’s wedding was watched by two million Australians, while when it aired in the UK a year later, it drew 19.6 million viewers, making it Britain’s third most-watched show of 1988.

So what can we expect? In a statement released by Channel 5, they said: “In what is set to be a gripping and emotional finale, fan favourites from the past will be returning to Ramsay Street to celebrate with our Erinsborough locals, in a send-off that will have something for everyone, spanning all generations and decades from the opening scene in 1985, to the final episode in 2022.”

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