Legendary Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta passes away
By Alex James Taylor | Film+TV | 27 May 2022

still, ‘Goodfellas’, 1990, directed by Martin Scorsese

Legendary actor Ray Liotta has sadly died at the age of 67.

Following a series of small roles in TV and film, Liotta received a Golden Globe nomination for 1986’s Something Wild and won critical acclaim in Phil Alden Robinson’s 1986 film Field of Dreams. However, Liotta will be best remembered for his incredible performance as real-life mobster Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 classic Goodfellas: everyone knows the “Fuck you, pay me” scene, and the brilliance of that paranoid, coke-fuelled scene running around western Long Island taking and selling drugs as a helicopter overhead keeps him on his toes – all while preparing an Italian dinner on the phone.

Scorsese remembered the actor in a statement, “I’m absolutely shocked and devastated by the sudden, unexpected death of Ray Liotta. He was so uniquely gifted, so adventurous, so courageous as an actor. Playing Henry Hill in ‘Good Fellas’ was a tall order, because the character had so many different facets, so many complicated layers, and Ray was in almost every scene of a long, tough shoot. He absolutely amazed me, and I’ll always be proud of the work we did together on that picture. My heart goes out to his loved ones, and it aches for his loss, way too early.”

While Goodfellas co-star Robert De Niro shared a statement: “I was very saddened to learn of Ray’s passing. He is way too young to have left us. May he Rest in Peace.”



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