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DSquared2’s Pre-SS23 beach goth couple are cooler than you
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 25 May 2022

The DSquared2 boys give beachwear a stylish back-comb in their dark Pre-SS23 collection, lifting from the 50s and 80s with layers upon layers of wild prints, airy silhouettes and skin-bearing fabrics.

The collection’s show notes spoke at first of a seaside-loving goth babe. She rides colossal waves by day and searches for debauchery in the shadows at night, which, in fewer words, tells us she’s a total adrenaline junkie. Between gathered party dresses and exaggerated tweed suits she opts for breezy shorts and slouchy-stoner tees, layered with cream lace, sneakers and neon fanny packs. Denim vests and organza gowns fall from her torso with the same loose shapes as the boys, exaggerated yet effortlessly delicate.

GALLERYDSquared2 Pre-SS23 Menswear

She meets the DSquared2 dude while waxing her board, and it’s clear his oeuvre is far darker than hers. He has a penchant for shirts with gloomy floral embroidery and woven sun hats. His shorts are baggy, sometimes highlighter pink, other times brimming with cargo pockets as far as the eye can see. He likes knits with gaping loops in rainbow hues, sneakers with wide, waggling tongues, chinos spattered in paint and lacquer red holdalls that could fit an army of pink acid-wash, Hawaiian shirts and slash-sleeved ‘Goth Surfer’ jumpers.

Give them a mound of jewels and they’ll coat each neck vein and fingertip in something shiny, flitting between aggressive studded silver and softer sleeves comprised of fishnet and lace. Their style might be hard, but it’s also unapologetic – the genuine gothic article.

GALLERYDSquared2 Pre-SS23 Womenswear


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