Into the wild

Palace and adidas go fishing in the British countryside
By Alex James Taylor | 17 May 2022

Both Palace and adidas hold a fascination with exploration and adventure; whether on foot or skateboard. So their latest collaborative collection makes perfect sense, saluting the great outdoors with a collection that reminds us of nature’s depth.

For this, our tour guide is renowned fisherman, photographer, angler, and tea connoisseur Chris Yates, who stars in an accompanying short documentary alongside skater Heitor Da Silva. Filmed by documentarian Will Robson-Scott, the footage follows Chris and Heitor as they brew tea, play piano, forage and explore the wonders of the British countryside.

The collection mirrors the outdoorsy narrative, cast in earthy tones – predominantly ‘wild pine’ and ‘stone’ – and rendered in technical fabrics fit for the wilderness. Cargo tropes blends with sportswear while a fleece made from 100 percent recycled polyester sits alongside a lightweight jacket with practical pockets on the front; ideal for fishing tackle.

Palace Adidas Nature is out 20th May via the Palace web store.



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