Cassius Hirst sprays and spikes Prada’s classic America’s Cup Sneaker
Fashion | 17 May 2022

At fourteen, Cassius Hirst gave his dad – renowned artist Damien Hirst – a unique gift, a hand-painted pair of his beloved AF1s. Born into a world where art was a lifestyle, at this moment Cassius found his canvas and unique form of expression. What began as a casual hobby has today turned into a thriving business saluted by the likes of A$AP Rocky, Offset, Samuel Ross, Rihanna and AJ Tracey. Now comes a new project and fresh challenge: reimagining the Prada America’s Cup sneaker for a customised capsule collection.

Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd. Ó Cassius Hirst

First released in 1997 for the Luna Rossa sailing team, the America’s Cup sneaker has become a pillar of the Italian fashion house’s footwear range. But now it’s time for a refresh. Cue Cassius’ expressive neon spray paint graphics, DIY detailing and authentic distress. Divided into four styles, in 22 variables, each holds distinctive characteristics, drawing their name from the world of music: ATT4CK, D3CAY, SUST4IN, REL3ASE are all named after “the ‘envelope’ or life of a sound, the stages of its evolution.”

Hand-crafted in Prada’s Italian ateliers, each pair is wholly unique and comes packaged in a co-branded box featuring the logo of Cassius Hirst, a scan of his brain. “The brain scan represents hope and knowledge in a world of shadows and uncertainty,” says Cassius. “The brain is where the thoughts happen – for me it all became about creativity and the creative process. I’ve learned that sometimes we have to look inside ourselves to see what’s really going on. We shouldn’t be afraid of that.”

The Cass x Prada collection is an edition limited to 3,000 pairs globally, sold through a selection of Prada boutiques and via


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