Meet The 232

Zegna’s change-making visionaries are inspired by a heritage of nature and sustainability
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 4 May 2022

Back in the 1930s, Ermenegildo Zegna built a road 44.5 kilometres long, linking Oasi Zegna, a hub of natural wildlife that surrounded his famous factory, to the rest of his budding empire in the Biella Alps. At the time, the road represented a mission to reclaim and preserve the beauty of the natural world, a guiding principle that the designer’s eponymous label is still governed by nearly a century later.

Zegna 232, a campaign focused on a like-minded family of visionaries that have gladly embroiled themselves in the brand’s positively stylish web, is no exception to such traditions. Cherishing a progressive and undoubtedly sustainable vision for the future, the brand has pulled a trio of wave-making creative figures from across the performance world to help further its mission, including Marracash (rapper), Yagamoto (movement director) and Isaac Hempstead Wright (actor and Game Of Thrones star).

In the brand’s own words, each of these stars possesses their own palpable air of confidence and strength, making decisions that dare to stray from convention and forging their own paths in the process. Zegna wants to celebrate such courageous spirit by sharing the personal stories of their chosen family, filmed in candid and intimate moments previously unseen by the world at large.


It doesn’t take long for passion and personality to permeate the set as the crew are dressed in the latest wears of artistic director Alessandro Sartori, the force behind the brand’s momentous return to form. In loose shirts fitted with large, boxy pockets and loose trousers in hues of pebble white and dark navy, the collection marks a new, united dawn for the brand; one guided by purpose, freedom and the strongest sense of community.

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