Speeding ahead

Wiesmann’s Project Thunderball is the world’s first all-electric convertible roadster
By Alex James Taylor | Travel | 28 April 2022

Luxury sports car marque Wiesmann has electrified, returning with the debut of a trailblazing world-first all-electric convertible roadster. Its name? Project Thunderball.

An epic name for an epic car, the vehicle not only responds to the electrified vehicle revolution but speeds ahead of the game, combining the marque’s trademark performance, drive and style with a contemporary ethos. Aesthetically, the car is quite something – you can almost picture Steve McQueen in the driving seat, with its retro styling, analogue dashboard dials and clam-shell bonnet. Crafted from lightweight, advanced carbon fibre (weighing in at just 1700kg), the car’s significant power comes from twin electric rear-mid mounted motors delivering up to 500kW to the rear wheels and 1100 Nm of torque, hitting 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 2.9 seconds. In layman’s terms, it’s fast as hell and can go for miles.


Project Thunderball marks a major moment for the German marque, marking Wiesmann’s return under the ownership of entrepreneur, Roheen Berry, who comments: “Project Thunderball is a remarkable moment in time for the Wiesmann brand, and the culmination of a dream of years of design and engineering excellence bringing an all-rear-wheel-drive electric convertible sports car fit for the modern era, where timeless design meets cutting-edge technology. For the first time an iconic two-seater Wiesmann will deliver the performance, handling and spirit for which we are famed, with an advanced, German-engineered all-electric powertrain at its heart. I truly believe we’ve made the world’s most exciting electric sports car.”

Project Thunderball is available to order now, with pricing from 300,000 Euros.


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