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Warpaint takeover: Stella Mozgawa’s culture binge
Music | 13 May 2022

Warpaint, photography by Mia Kirby

In celebration of Warpaint‘s new, sixth record, Radiate Like This, we’ve invited the LA band to take over HERO online, curating a series of exclusive content that offers a unique insight into their world.

Warpaint’s imitable drummer, Stella Mozgawa, draws the band’s HERO guest edit to a close with a brilliant curation of her current book and music obsessions. From Rebecca Solnit’s floricultural reflection on George Orwell and his writing to a Joni Mitchell and Billy Idol duet; here’s Stella Mozgawa’s culture binge – dig in.

Stella's current favourite books

Orwell’s Roses by Rebecca Solnit, 2021

“I’m halfway through this beautiful book which connects multiple complex and poetic themes using the act of planting roses as an allegory for longevity. I love the way Rebecca Solnit effortlessly jumps between the private and the universal.”

Der Klang der Familie: Berlin, Techno and the Fall of The Wall by Felix Denk and Sven Von Thülen, 2014

“A wonderful read about the rise of techno in post-Wall Berlin. Hugely inspiring first-hand accounts of organising parties in abandoned buildings, parades in the streets and how the scene grew from extraordinary cultural and political change.” 

Stella's current favourite records

Sakura by Susumu Yakota 

“Susumu Yakota made some gorgeous music throughout his lifetime. Some very ambient, some energetic but always with this thread of off-beat electronica. This particular record sounds perfect floating through the house.” 

Promises by Floating Points + Pharoah Sanders

“In my humble opinion, Promises is the most important record made in the last few years. I was so lucky to watch Sam create some of this music in Los Angeles a few years ago, it really expanded into something so transcendental with the addition of the London Symphony Orchestra and obviously the great Pharoah Sanders. A must listen.” 

Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm by Joni Mitchell 

“It seems like this record is finally getting the love it deserves. Lakota is a perfect example of the rhythmic explorations of the late 80s. There are some great (and weird?!) duets with Willie Nelson and Billy Idol. One of Joni’s best!”

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