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Supreme mac & cheese now exists
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 21 April 2022

Supreme’s Barbara Kruger inspired box-logo is as infamous as they come. Perhaps even more influential than the skate brand itself, those seven, tilted letters and their plain red background are an instant advertisement of all the brand’s wears, from the functional to the downright crazy.

Having already nailed bricks, penknives, toothpaste and fire extinguishers, Supreme’s latest drop sees the US brand take on the culinary world with its very own Kraft-branded macaroni and cheese collaboration, creating custom-shaped pasta that spells out Supreme – Kraft reassures us that its the same much-loved recipe. If you’re a dab-hand at Grailed, you can probably source some Supreme cutlery to munch it with, along with a Supreme chair, a Supreme tumbler and a Supreme napkin, too. Logomania has never tasted so good!

Alongside the mac & cheese, this season’s drop also includes full-size canoes, rhinestone-studded dog collars, transparent tape players, and even Airstream travelling vans.

GALLERYSupreme's latest drop

The Supreme x Kraft macaroni shapes are available in today’s drop, check out the promotional video here.

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