Sleeping On A Dream

Video Premiere: Dan Lyons & The Tenants share a melodic riposte to London’s greedy elite
By Alex James Taylor | Music | 1 April 2022

Where Bob Dylan had Big Pink, the legendary West Saugerties house where he and The Band recorded most of the music that would eventually become the legendary Basement Tapes, prolific Margate musician Dan Lyons has his own equivalent: holing himself up in the seaside town’s historic Tom Thumb Theatre earlier this year to record his latest album – and debut as a full band: Dan Lyons & The Tenants, with fellow members Freya Warsi, Henry Gabbott, Dominic Hall and Vincent Curson Smith.

While there, the band filmed a video for their lead single Sleeping On A Dream, filmed by Lizzie Wharton, edited by Freya and premiered exclusively here.

Sleeping On A Dream was the first song I wrote after we went into lockdown,” Lyons tells us about the track, which is a searing indictment of the profit made from the pandemic by the world’s elite set to the musician’s signature melodic sensibilities.

“It’s a reaction to the bizarre and terrifying feeling that crept in once I realised how much trust people seem to have in the government,” Lyons continues. “[Boris] Johnson’s bumbling bojo mask definitely slipped a few times during the pandemic and it feels like he’s slowly being exposed for what he is – a dangerous, terrifying Etonian with an inferiority complex.”

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Still, ‘Sleeping On A Dream’


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