Generation Equality

Gucci’s International Women’s Day capsule spotlights the fight for gender equality
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 8 March 2022

This International Women’s Day, Gucci has launched a striking capsule highlighting women’s lengthy fight for gender equality.

Now entering its second century as a leading figure in fashion, the company’s President and CEO, Marco Bizarri, believes Gucci’s commitment to an equal and wholly more inclusive world grows stronger by the day. Speaking of the steps the company is taking to enact a fairer future, Bizarri said: “We at Gucci proudly embrace the values and the action plans brought forward by “Generation Equality” to accelerate progress for gender equality. With our campaign CHIME FOR CHANGE we stand together to support the next generation fighting for freedom, equality and respect.” 

Observant of their role in an everchanging world, the house’s work in the realm of social justice has amplified tenfold in recent years. The past few months alone have seen the company launch a new Gucci Podcast series on gender equality, platforming the work of feminist and youth-led movements as they lobby for a greater, fairer world, with moderation from the likes of Latanya Mapp Frett and Sinéad Burke, whilst also building on the work of their Chime For Change initiative with fundraising grants and virtual forums set to facilitate the creation of an equal future.


That brings us to today, and the release of Gucci’s Generation Equality capsule. Founded by the Italian fashion house in 2013 to support and help unite those outspoken in the fight for gender equality, Chime For Change worked closely with Italian artist MP5, art director for Gucci’s CHIME Zine, to realise a small collection of political t-shirts and baseball caps for the house.

In connection with the release, Gucci have also pledged a series of support to a series of female-led charities that’ll benefit marginalised women across the spectrum, hoping to amplify the voices speaking out for gender equality across the globe with extra resources and monetary support.

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Gucci’s Generation Equality capsule collection is available 9th March in select Gucci stores across the world and online.

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