Liberated youth

Daniel w. Fletcher’s SS22 campaign draws on his grandmother’s post-war tales
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 1 February 2022
Photographer Fabien Kruszelnicki
Stylist Ben Schofield.

Daniel w. Fletcher has revealed his SS22 campaign, photographed by HERO editor-in-chief Fabien Kruszelnicki, styled by Ben Schofield and featuring model Patruk Lawry.

Set in a modernist, domestic setting, the campaign draws directly from Fletcher’s SS22 narrative (while also reminding us of our lockdown non-routine roaming the house). Inspired by the designer’s Scottish grandmother, who taught him how to paint, the collection – titled North by Northwest – was informed by her stories and photographs of coming-of-age in the post-war era. A time when the world began to heal and evolve, new societal patterns and approaches to dress were adopted that signified a new age of youthful liberation.


Within his SS22 collection, Fletcher looked to encourage that same sense of freedom with a subtle nod towards our own current global struggles. 50s utilitarian dressing is portrayed by workwear silhouettes and raw jeans that also speak to Jack Kerouac and his Beat Generation, while military accents – double-breasted blazers and forage caps – are subverted as motifs of youthful camaraderie and hope. Check flag shirting is straight off the rugby field and nylon pants crafted with ruched hems offers a modern formality.

Daniel w. Fletcher SS22 campaign

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