Summer Loving

Aries SS22 is a joyful endeavour through wild prints and sun-kissed dreams
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 26 January 2022

A much-needed dose of optimism and joy, Aries’ SS22 collection encourages “exploration through time, culture and belief systems.”

Dedicated to the memory of Kip Sims, a beloved and forever member of the Aries family, the collection weaves itself around those sun-kissed summer days where nothing else matters and everything is beautiful. Creating their own stylish retreat (slash-cult…) in the process, it sees cosy tracksuits cast in 90s tie-dye (“made by an artist in a field”) and takes itself into the wild with the label’s signature temple motif traced in tinfoil camo, and luscious cheetah prints that pounce upon slinky zip-dresses and baggy jeans. Faked 80s Italian comics blur what we think we know and “poorly dyed” Oxford shirting highlight the beauty of imperfection.


Elevating the everyday through hand-dyed garments and two-toned sweats, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing drop from the London-based brand – they’ve even enlisted their own tight-knit community of talented friends to realise this season’s designs. It’s all part of a bigger design narrative where revolution makes way for evolution, you see.

With the label looking back on an archive rich in experimental graphics and bold dye jobs, favoured motifs of collections past – we’re looking at you Aries Mastercard Cap – link up with new silhouettes, from hip-hugging cargo pants to strap-cinched formalwear. Really, SS22 couldn’t be more Aries if it tried.


Aries SS22 drops on Friday 28th January 2022 at

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