Shining, Shimmering Splendour

See inside Swarovski’s glistening new Shanghai flagship store
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 22 December 2021

The vibrant, glistening jewels of Swarovski’s enthralling rebrand find a permanent new home in Shanghai. 

The Austrian crystal-savants have had something of a fantastic start to the 2020s, with this year alone seeing the brand take their well-decorated world to over 27 locations across the globe, marking their own stamp on each with an immersive Instant Wonder boutique. But the launch of their latest store is a little bit different, as the brand permanently root itself in the Asian market with its first Shanghai flagship store in HK Plaza, China.

This has always been an end goal, remarks CEO Michele Moon: “Throughout the journey of our transformation, we have been working towards a moment like this – the moment where guests can not only explore Swarovski products, but immerse themselves in our point of view, our personality, and the experience of intimately understanding the sense of joy and innovation from which each item is created.” 

In choosing Shanghai, creative director Giovanna Engelbert wanted to create a space that transports customers into the brand’s glistening and imaginative world as soon as you step through the doors, cherishing colourful fixtures, ornate packaging and the city’s rich heritage above all. “I am incredibly excited to unveil this beautiful space, inspired by the forward-moving landscape of China and her people,” she explains. “It’s the biggest, most ambitious store we’ve made, centimetre by centimetre thought through and brought into reality – its mind-blowing and connects with everything else what we’ve done till now.” 


Unveiled on December 10th, Swarovski’s Wonderlab offers up a glimpse inside the mind of the world-renowned brand, segmented into a slew of colourful boudoirs and imaginariums that find themselves bathed in hues of powder pink, emerald green and tantalising canary yellow. There’s space to spend hours playing dress up in the brand’s latest wares, a reflective science Lab complete with robotic arms and even a Swarovski vault (aka The Gallery of Curiosity), where the real magic happens. 

Find out more about Swarovski’s brand new flagship here.

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