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Xmas Wish List: Christopher Shannon’s dreaming of cherry blossoms and erotic tablecloths
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 24 December 2021

Now that Mariah Carey and Wham! are battling out on the airwaves, it’s safe to say Christmas is well and truly on its way: chugging into Platform 25 at full speed, dodging Covid variants like a slalom skier. What with all the chaos, you can be excused for being ill-prepared, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help out the inspirationally-barren shoppers among us by calling on some of our favourite tastemakers to share what they’re expecting in their stockings this Holiday season.

Battling through a particularly hideous winter cold, Liverpudlian designer Christopher Shannon has pulled out all the stops for his art-obsessed Christmas wishlist. From the repressed 12” classics he’s desperate to add to his record collection, to a slew of furnishings and jewellery that include upcycled chain necklaces, cherry blossom prints and some queer history documented by Sunil Gupta, home is definitely where you’ll find the heart of this designer. He’s even sourced an erotic tablecloth that’ll make your grandparents wince once the turkey is done…


Leslie Winer, When I Hit You – You’ll Feel It 12″
“A long time collaborator and incredible writer and musician, I was privileged enough to design the packing for this long-overdue anthology. It’s out now on Light In The Attic Records, who do a brilliant line in astoundingly great re-issues and obscure, fantastic artists. I’d love all the different colours.”

Leslie Winer & Maxwell Sterling, Once I Was 12″
“Also out soon on LITA is another one of my fave collaborators, the composer Maxwell Sterling, who has mixed lots of show soundtracks for us. His achingly sublime version of Once I Was is due is out any day and I’m desp for a copy. It also features Leslie Winer on vocals.”

Gareth McConnell Dream Blossom XIII (2021) print
“I moved up north recently and a casualty of the move was a Gareth Mcconnell print of a cherry blossom tree, which I really loved. I love his work and never tire of the images of trees.”

Fleet Bigwood Pillows
“Fleet Bigwood is one of the most brilliant print designers I’ve encountered.. he recently began producing some homewares which I think of on a daily basis, these cushions drive me wild, so clever and desirable. A rare combo.”

Sunil Gupta – London 82’
“I’ve been a long time fan of village books in Leeds, they also opened a new store in Manchester this year – hoping they’ll soon reach Liverpool. I’ve been eyeing up a copy of London 82.” 

Olivia Newton-John Colour Photographs
“I use the Oxfam books store by my new home, they have so many odd things and I’ve found such gems recently. The online store is also great.” 

3AM Eternal Statement Charm Belt
“I love Caitlin Price’s 3am Eternal line of upcycled vintage she develops with her sister. It’s quite camp and super party-friendly, I’d like a bit of the jewellery, which has a real energy to it. It’s also recently been given its own section in Selfridges and looks amazing!”

L.F. Markey Bega Pullover (Navy)
“I’m into this zip neck from L.F. Markey, the menswear is so clean and unfussy.”

Linder Cotton Tablecloth
“House Of Voltaire’s Linder tablecloth is a punchy addition to the Christmas dinner table.” 

Christopher Shannon Krankee™️ Candle – Another Hideous Gift
“And I’d really like a couple of my own Krankee candles… though the one I really wanted sold out first. The Christmas one smells great though, and is so massive it’ll probably last loads of Christmases, to be honest…”

Find Christopher Shannon on Instagram and on his webstore.

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