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Xmas Wish List: Surfbort’s Dani Miller reveals what she’d like under her tree
Music | 21 December 2021

Now that Mariah Carey and Wham! are battling out on the airwaves, it’s safe to say Christmas is well and truly on its way: chugging into Platform 25 at full speed, dodging Covid variants like a slalom skier. What with all the chaos, you can be excused for being ill-prepared, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help out the inspirationally-barren shoppers among us by calling on some of our favourite tastemakers to share what they’re expecting in their stockings this Holiday season.

A woman of immaculate taste, LA musician Dani Miller isn’t afraid to mix and match to achieve maximum uniqueness. As frontwoman of Surfbort, she’s a kickass rockstar with her own brand of frantic punk, while off stage you’ll find Dani as one of Alessandro Michele‘s frequent Gucci models. This spectrum is reflected in her HERO Xmas Wish List, which pairs a classic red Gucci lipstick with pieces by some of LA’s most exciting independent designers; plus, a vinyl for your plants – peace out, baby.


Anything from the Surfbort merch shop
Surfbort rocks – muahah!”

The Illuminator Holiday Kit by Noto
For a happy face : )”

Lavender Eden Dress by Rose Cut
“Rose Cut clothing is so badass.”

A pair of Zig Zag Clown School Booties
Clown boots by Zig Zag.”

Matt Dillon Fan Club Blanket
“Matt Dillion fan blanket by Bad Dog – they also have a great Zine!”

Moody Tote by Zana Bayne
A moody bag by Zana Bayne 🙁 : ))))”

Mid-Century LA house
“A mid-century modern house, please : )”

La Manso rings
Coolest rings ever!”

PⒶTCHW☻RK SH☮RTS #2 by Whatever No Big Deal
Coolest handmade clothes.”

Goldie Red, Holiday 2021 Rouge à Lèvres Mat Lipstick by Gucci
“A classic look.”

Theragun mini by Therabody
“For tour.”

Mort Garson Mother Earth’s Plantasia, Vinyl LP
Great to chill out in your house and get zen.”

Fender Vintera ’60s Jaguar in 3-Color Sunburst
“To rock around the tree.”

Noon Goons Lithium Jacket
“Comfy, Cozy.”

Gucci Diana tote bag
“To hold all my shit.”

Spunnot B&Y ribbed tank by Spun Spirit
“My favourite tanks, made with love.”

Dark Matter beads by Eadie
“Cutest necklaces.”

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Listen to Surfbort’s new record Keep On Truckin’ below, and read an interview between Dani and Linda Perry discussing the work here.


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