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Xmas Wish List – Here’s all Bianca Saunders wants for Christmas this year
By Bailey Slater | Fashion | 22 December 2021

Now that Mariah Carey and Wham! are battling out on the airwaves, it’s safe to say Christmas is well and truly on its way: chugging into Platform 25 at full speed, dodging Covid variants like a slalom skier. What with all the chaos, you can be excused for being ill-prepared, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help out the inspirationally-barren shoppers among us by calling on some of our favourite tastemakers to share what they’re expecting in their stockings this Holiday season.

Next up is Bianca Saunders, the London-based RCA alumnus who has spent her post-graduate years redefining menswear by fusing the boxy, flowing silhouettes of years bygone with sleeker than sleek tailoring. Just like her emotive designs, Saunders’ list is practically dripping with nostalgic flair, evoking memory through image, scent and touch. It includes her favourite Maison Margiela candle, which has been test-driven in the studio through countless long nights, some comfy footwear courtesy of her entire family, and even yearns for the music world by way of some Pioneer paraphernalia – get into it!


Ugg, Slippers
All my family have them except for me, and I’d love to be able to be more relaxed/comfortable when I come home.”

Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Baccarat Rouge 540
“I love strong fragrances that have a lasting effect on people.”

Maison Margiela, By the Fireplace Candle
“I am now a candle collector and keep a few burning at the studio all the time. This is my favourite one out of all the types I’ve tried.”

Beats, Pill Speakers
“I love music so much and it’s such a big motivation when you’re in the studio.”

Pioneer, DJ XDJ700 & DJM450 & DM4
“I want to practice DJ’ing in 2022.”

Epson, Projector
“I would love to do a movie marathon over Christmas.”

Ottolenghi, SIMPLE Book
“I definitely want to do more cooking in 2022, as I was doing a lot during the last lockdown, but I’ve realised I prefer working with simpler, quicker recipes.”

Serax Earth Vase
“I would like an abstract shape vase as I get the most beautiful flowers sent to me!”

Cire Trudon, Diffuser
“The fragrance is elite and so unique! It also feels like the scent alone leaves me with some good memories.”

Fujifilm, Off-White Instant Camera
“I love feeling nostalgic and these cameras are also a great way of keeping hold of memories…”

Find Bianca Saunders on Instagram and on her webstore.

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