Trailblazers, unite

Fuelled by radical counterculture: The Great Frog collaborates with Playboy
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 4 October 2021

London jewellery house The Great Frog has revealed a special collaboration with iconic lifestyle brand Playboy. Forging a mutual spirit of radical energy and rock ‘n’ roll liberation in metal, the collection takes its cues from the 60s and 70s – an era of driving culture that surges through The Great Frog, and a time when Playboy was at its most trailblazing.


Fusing these two narratives, Playboy’s synonymous rabbit head motif is framed as a collection of gold, silver and brass pieces, while one particular piece sees a TGF snake wrap itself around Playboy’s bunny – sealing a rebellious harmony. Elsewhere, souvenir necklaces and belt buckles nod to biker subculture as modern interpretations of the souvenirs bikers would collection on their travels – “These souvenirs meant something. Their intrinsic value was in finding meaning behind the object,” says Lehtonen-Riley – and a diamond signet ring is inspired by vintage playing cards; “I had a vision of an impeccably-dressed traveller at a Monaco card table wearing the diamond signet ring.”

“The genesis of the Playboy collaboration is interesting,” says Lehtonen-Riley. “Playboy was so far ahead of its time at its founding in the 50s. It has always represented a counterculture and the anti-establishment. The brand was never afraid to push boundaries and challenge taboos of the time. It did so successfully by advocating for civil rights, sexual liberation and women’s rights.”

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