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Tony Hawk just released a skateboard painted with his own blood… and it’s already sold out
By Finn Blythe | Sport | 27 August 2021

As the world’s most coveted skater for the better part of the last 30 years, Tony Hawk has shed more blood on the job than most professional athletes. Unlike his countless scrapes and scars incurred while skating however, his latest haemorrhage is no accident, coming as part of a new limited-edition release of skateboards painted with an infusion of Hawk’s blood.

Released in partnership with canned-water company Liquid Death, who Hawk represents as a brand ambassador, the glossy, red-bottomed boards (which were limited to a single run of 100) sold out online within a matter of hours. In an accompanying video, above, Hawk is shown having a phial of his blood taken while sat at the bottom of a half-pipe (where else?). The sample is then mixed with red paint before being applied to the underside of the board.

Liquid Death, who only began selling their Alpine-sourced water in 2019 and claim to be an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles, will be directing 10 percent of profits to charitable funds. The first is 5 Gyres, a primary-research non-profit focusing on reducing plastic waste and the other is The Skatepark Project, Hawk’s very own youth-centred organisation that provides skate facilities to underserved communities.

Tony Hawk x Liquid Death

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