New from old

Robyn Lynch reworks deadstock from US outdoors brand Columbia
By Cristian Burbano | Fashion | 15 June 2021

Dublin-born designer Robyn Lynch took a nostalgic trip for her latest drop, collaborating with American outdoor brand Columbia to create a series of upcycled looks inspired by her teenage love of the brand. The capsule collection is her second ‘Robyn Lynch supported by…’ line, in which she reworks brand’s deadstock garments into brand new pieces, following a successful 2020 partnership with cycling brand, Rapha.


To truly show she was a fan, Lynch dug up old photos of her and her mates Gareth, Jake, Ashley in their Columbia puffer jacket days, which she calls her ‘unofficial school jacket’, using a 2013 image as her show invite.

Director Spencer Young paid homage to Columbia’s outdoor heritage via a short film shot against a backdrop of coastal rocks and caves, with models walking against colourful and surreal light projections. The process begin by Lynch chooses pieces according to their shades, that subconciously had her pulling for green, white and orange – the tones of the  Irish flag. Then came the deconstruction and reconstruction: one and a half pairs of ski trousers were pulled apart and transformed into a neon yellow jacket, with the remaining leg reworked into a matching bucket hat – trouser pockets remain intact. Meanwhile tracksuits encouraged further outdoor adventure alongside Lynch’s signature chunky knitwear. Furthering the collection’s sustainabilty, nylons are produced from ocean waste while biodegradable manmade textiles are utilised to maximise the use of deadstock garments.

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