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A new Dior x Sacai collaborative capsule is coming
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 15 June 2021

Dior has revealed a major collaborative capsule that sees the Parisian fashion house join with Japanese brand Sacai. Described as a “creative conversation between two designers, two heritages and two cultures,” the collection fuses the artistry of long-time friends and now creative partners Kim Jones and Chitose Abe.



Syncing signatures, the collection is formed around the concept of hybridisation. Hallmark Dior silhouettes, such as overcoats and Jones’ Tailleur Oblique suit blazer, are drawn in modern fabrications familiar to the Sacai universe, and decorated with classic floral Dior motifs. Japenese denim is used throughout, cut in shapes inspired by workwear garments, and berets crafted by Stephen Jones are reimagined with softer sensibility. Dior’s iconic Saddle Bag is also given a new spin, reimagined with utilitarian pockets and elastic chords inspired by Sacai’s trademark bomber jacket as the Dior Snow and Explorer boots return embellished with jewels. Marking the collaboration, a new logo is formed incorporating ‘Sacai’ into the ‘i’ of Dior.


“Sacai is one of my first stops when I go to Japan,” Jones told WWD. “I’ve always loved [Chitose Abe] and I just think she’s one of the coolest women in the world. And we talked about doing this since I was at Vuitton, and then it finally happened. I love Japan. I haven’t been for over a year now, which is the longest in 20 years I haven’t been. I normally go at least six times a year. I always work on things that I miss doing in real life and seeing. It’s just a really key mix between what Dior and sac is, and it was a way of having a conversation through the pandemic.”

The collection expands on a long creative exchange between Paris and Tokyo embraced by Christian Dior himself, who found abundant inspiration in the country: using fabrics from Kyoto’s famous Tatsumura workshop; naming dresses after his favourite Japanese artist, Utamaro; and designing three dresses for the civil portion of Princess Michiko’s wedding ceremony.

The Dior x Sacai capsules will first be released in November 2021.

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