Balearic bliss

Step into Ibiza at Loewe’s new Harrods pop-up
By Finn Blythe | Fashion | 16 April 2021

Forget Covid passports or extortionate testing fees, your slice of summer holiday has arrived on the first floor of Harrods courtesy of Loewe‘s new Paula’s Ibiza pop-up. Celebrating the launch of their latest Balearic-based collection, the temporary space is an excuse to fantasise over sea and sun and will be free to peruse until mid-August.


This year’s annual collection begins with memory, specifically those of Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson and his childhood recollections of summers spent on the island. The beach is re-imagined here as a state of mind as much as a physical place, giving rise to a range of ready-to-wear pieces that emphasise loose-fitting ease and hand-crafted textures. From the caftan dresses that double as excellent modesty robes, perfect for changing into your cozzie on the beach, to the hand-woven basketry that Loewe do better than anyone and the evening scented candles, this is a love letter to holidays and heat.

But don’t take our word for it, the Harrods pop-up is where the whole thing comes to fruition in an immersive recreation of island life. Clad in raffia window shades, a ubiquitous feature among the island’s permanent residents, and oozing the kind of hand-made bohemianism that’s attracted artists and musicians to the island for decades, it’s a more than convincing simulation of the real thing. A large part of that is thanks to a specially designed meditation room, complete with floor-to-ceiling screens on three walls that transport viewers directly to Ibiza’s beaches for a guided lesson in meditative yoga. With plenty of soft furnishings, it’s the perfect place of refuge once the shopping gets a bit much.

Loewe’s Paula’s Ibiza pop-up is open at Harrods until 14 August 2021. Shop the new collection here

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