Your moment with kate

This purchasable triptych of Kate Moss allows you into her life
By Finn Blythe | Fashion | 9 April 2021

Forget Heronomous Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights or Giotto’s Stefaneschi Altarpiece, the triptych of our times has arrived. Starring Kate Moss, and available exclusively as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), the triple-bill instalment goes up for auction next Tuesday with a portion of the proceeds donated to women’s mental health organisation, Gurls Talk.


Since she rose to fame in the mid-90s as the waifish face of heroin chic, Kate Moss has been at the centre of iconic image-making across fashion and fine art. From Lucien Freud to Marc Quinn, Sam Taylor Wood, Julien Opie, Allen Jones, Chuck Close, and Banksy, not to mention the fashion photographers she’s collaborated with, Moss’ world-famous features have been a magnet for artistic curiosity and expression. It seems fitting therefore, that she should be the one ordained in this oh-so 2021 version of one of art’s holiest forms.

Unlike anything that has gone before however, this is a triptych of moving images, each taken from an intimate first-person perspective and each up for separate auction. The first, Drive with Kate, positions the viewer in the passenger seat of a convertible on what looks like a ride through country lanes with the former supermodel. The second, Sleep with Kate, sees Moss asleep on her back, eyes shut and skin radiant, while the third, Walk with Kate, is set on a stroll through the woods.

These are, in Moss’ own words, “About the moment”. “Time is the thing that there is never enough of and that waits for no-one,” she continues. “I’m intrigued by who will want to own a moment of mine. I was also drawn to the idea that this ownership can be used to help others in need hopefully gain more of it.”

View the triptych now on The auction will open at 14:00 BST Tuesday 13 April once the first bid is placed. It will remain open for 24 hours unless a bid is made during the last 15 minutes. In this case a further 15 minutes will be added until there are no more bids within the last 15 minute add-on.


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