Botanical Rainbow

Loewe’s new fragrance line-up is designed to echo nature’s palette
By Alex James Taylor | 18 February 2021

In current lockdown conditions, sensory exploration has become something of an essential – finding new ways to stimulate is now pretty much a fixture within the daily routine. Therefore the timing is apt for Loewe‘s new fragrance launch, Botanical Rainbow.

Uniting all the existing Loewe fragrances under a new international launch, Botanical Rainbow offers a refined line-up that “echoes nature’s own vibrant palette.” Consisting of 28 scents, the repertoire is divided into eight houses: Agua, Aire, Aura, Esencia, 7 and Pour Homme, each defining a particular aspect of the Spanish brand and celebrating multiplicity. Bottled in the same distinctive block-shaped flash first launched with Jonathan Anderson‘s debut fragrance, LOEWE 001, each scent is topped with its own uniquely coloured sycamore cap.

The launch is accompanied by new imagery taken by Loewe collaborator Tyler Mitchell. Featuring nine faces with distinct personalities, each image takes inspiration from Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement dating back to Heian period, to present a dialogue between the raw materials that make up Botanical Rainbow.

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