Shot by Harley Weir, Charlotte Knowles’ debut campaign is an acid trip botany lesson
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 18 February 2021

South London based brand Charlotte Knowles today reveals its debut campaign, shot by Harley Weir and showcasing the label’s SS21 campaign.


Conceived by co-designers Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault, the imagery acts as a natural extension of their SS21 presentation, which presented a short film created by Weir titled PETALS. The video was a strident message of optimism and joy. As girls span on a revolving platform, time-lapse imagery capturing the life cycle of flowers glitched in and out representing a symbolic message of fashion’s ceaseless pace and the notion of evolution and rebirth. Within the collection, this mindset manifested across a pop culture mash-up that joined the dots between countercultural 70s flower power references, acid prints and the brand’s signature 00s silhouettes. “When everything is so uncertain, we wanted to make something really creative, positive and uplifting. This collection came out of trying to feel something good,” the designers said at the time.

For the new campaign imagery, the collection is captured on girls who encapsulate the brand’s “empowered but disruptive vision of femininity, dangerous and sensual” – all who have either walked for the brand or were cast via Instagram. Scratched and collaged with flowers to create vibrant, psychedelic prints, Weir’s imagery perfectly captures the effervescent mood of the collection.

Of working with Weir Knowles and Arsenault tell us, “It was very organic, Harley is pretty genius, she just looked at the collection and understood exactly the emotions we were trying to convey, the need for something positive, the sensuality, the colours, the power. We didn’t really have to explain any concept, we were just on the same wavelength. The technique she has done in post-production is also amazing, very hands-on, otherworldly and playful.”

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