amor fati

Marine Serre celebrates the little things that matter most in her new campaign film
Fashion | 29 January 2021
Text Finn Blythe

A hug, a tender embrace, the feel of your favourite pillow or a look from your beloved pet – for her SS21 campaign Parisian designer Marine Serre presents a series of short films celebrating life’s small pleasures, particularly those we have clung onto that little bit tighter over recent months.


The campaign follows Serre’s SS21 Amor Fati collection presented in September last year – also via moving image and produced in collaboration with directors Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago. For her return to the medium, Serre co-directed with London-based photographer Marc Hibbert, producing a powerful monochrome series that meditates on the importance of daily ritual. “Amore Fati reflects what we are going through and the existentialism in how we manage feelings in our daily life,” says the designer. “Amor Fati is an invitation to embrace all the outcome with no judgments.”

Starring a diverse cast of real-life models dressed in Serre’s striking jacquard prints and sharp tailoring, the designer has focused on that which has brought us comfort and peace of mind in recent times, the stuff that truly matters. From the loving hug shared between siblings Turgay & Yasemine Cakli, to Vladimir McCrary cradling his cat like Simba and Juliet Merie quietly consoling a tree (whatever gets you through), it’s an important reminder of the things we need to keep close now more than ever.

Watch Kristina DeConinck & Nicolas Duée in the short clip, below.

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