The age of tomorrow

Balenciaga’s FW21 collection comes with an online video game set in 2031
Fashion | 24 November 2020

In a radically altered fashion landscape, the transition towards delivering collections in new and innovative packages has reached full tilt. Balenciaga recently announced they would be accompanying their forthcoming FW21 collection with an online video game, one which “sets a record for the largest volumetric video project ever undertaken.” A brave new world indeed.

Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow presents Balenciaga’s collection in the future it is intended to be worn (2031). This, we learn, may appear dystopian and decaying at first, but upon closer inspection reveals itself to be a future where nature and industry are harmoniously re-balanced. Other than that, details on the game-play itself remain sparse.

There’s talk of human destiny as an overriding theme, not just in relation to the collection but the interactive, gamified journey, where avatars advance through different zones, motivated by tasks and interactions. For those who triumph in the game, there’s a real-life reward to be claimed. A cash prize? A complimentary look from the new collection? Balenciaga are offering something more spiritual: a breathing-exercise “set in a virtual utopia” to mark your new status as a Master of Two Worlds. Game on.

Balenciaga’s Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow will launch at 14:00 on 6th December.

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