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Try on Dior’s new B27 sneakers using Snapchat
By Finn Blythe | Fashion | 27 October 2020

With the current lockdown situation, Kim Jones has come up with a cunning way of letting you try on Dior’s new B27 sneakers without even leaving your home. Using the house’s new shoppable Snapchat lens, just point your phone camera at your feet and the shoes will be virtually slipped on and tied up, allowing you to try before you buy.


Combining athletic references with sub-cultural style and the Dior’s signature savoir-faire, the new footwear adopts its style from the vintage look of 80s tennis shoes, the kind donned by the likes of McEnroe, Borg and Becker. While fusing the clean, grass court-style formalism with the more rugged world of skating brings a robustness and effortlessly cool aesthetic to the mix.

Bringing the whole thing together (quite literally) is the exquisite craftsmanship of Dior’s ateliers, whose expertise is responsible for the shoe’s three-dimensional appearance and embellished, multi-material finish, featuring the brand’s newly unveiled oblique jacquard. Available in both low and high-top styles as well as a variety of different colours (white, black or gray), trial which combinations might work best for you by using Dior’s Snapchat lens. Click play below to watch the process behind the shoes.

Dior’s B27 sneaker is available in stores from November 2020. 

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