Larger than life

JW Anderson inflates his archive for Moncler Genius
By Alex James Taylor | Fashion | 29 September 2020

JW Anderson is the latest designer to join the Moncler Genius line-up, translating the brand’s functional skiwear through his own subversive and playful aesthetic.

Choosing to focus on Moncler’s iconic duvet, the Irish designer pulled key designs from his own archive and puffed them up to inflated proportions. Presented within a lookbook that somewhat resembles Teletubbyland, these vibrant and playful pieces are worn by models surrounded by large, abstract inflatable artworks.

As Anderson’s outerwear is Moncler-ed, other pieces in the collection include inflated bags, practical explorer gilets and zip-up blousons with padded zip-pullers. Elsewhere, embossed dots and protruding spikes create sculptural motifs and graphics include floating ducks and Looney Tunes‘ resident cat Sylvester.


The JW Anderson Moncler Genius collection is available now.

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