Love lock

Inspired by lovers’ locks, Mattew M. Williams presents his first campaign for Givenchy
By Finn Blythe | Fashion | 28 September 2020

Every now and then a campaign comes along that makes you stop and take a closer look. Those moments are rare but that’s precisely the case with Givenchy‘s newly released images, the first from incumbent creative director Mathew M. Williams after taking the reigns in June this year.


Perhaps it’s the brazen simplicity of these photographs, shot by Williams’ long-term friend and collaborator Nick Knight, that demands closer inspection. Perhaps it’s the typology-like arrangement of gleaming hardware: padlocks, cuban links and chains, all sharp angles and engineered efficiency against soft, pastel backgrounds that holds your gaze. Or maybe, it’s the tongue-in-cheek video, made in collaboration with Playboi Carti (another friend of Williams’), who raps the pronunciation predicament that will feel familiar to many non-French speakers to the percussive sound of a whirring printer.

Inspired by the lovers’ locks that line most Parisian bridges, the images present a playful take on the monogram, with plenty of hidden G’s emerging ‘accidentally’ from locks and chains. Expect plenty more of this in accessory-form during when Williams’ presents his debut collection, but for now it’s safe to say our attention has been piqued.



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