MC20: the story behind Maserati’s first supercar in fifteen years
By Alex James Taylor | Sport | 21 September 2020

It’s said that in Maserati’s hometown of Modena, when locals hear, and feel, that distinctive roar of one of the marque’s cars, they rise in applause. True or not, it’s a maxim that underlines how loved and revered Maserati is within the town.

Now, those Modena locals will have plenty of time to prepare themselves following the launch of Maserati’s first supercar in fifteen years, the MC20: powered by a super-advanced Nettuno V6 – first you hear it purr, then you see it blur past.

“MC20 speaks for itself. A car that does not need to shout at its environment through loud detailing, but truly stands out for raw beauty and capabilities.” –Klaus Busse, Maserati Head of Design 


Partly inspired by its multi-championship-winning supercar successor, the MC12 (released in 2004), the MC20 outlines a new blueprint for Maserati, ushering in a new era for the storied Italian automobile company following the appointment of new COO, former Nike Chief Marketing Officer Davide Grasso. With that comes an impressive company revamp and blueprint that propels the marque into the future with a respectful nod to its racing past: founded in 1914 by Italian brothers Alfieri, Ettore and Ernesto, their first sports car, the Tipo 26, was driven by Alfieri at the 1926 Targa Florio, finishing first in its Grand Prix class and ninth overall, kickstarting a racing legacy that is set to be continued by the MC20.

Loud, fast, stylish and built to perform at the highest levels both on track and road, according to Maserati the MC20 will be powered by a super-advanced V6 engine named Nettuno — “Neptune” in Italian, since Maserati’s emblem is a trident — nestled between the MC20’s two axles with the ability to do 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and 0-124mph in 8.8 seconds. Plus, the car has been designed specifically with a future full electric iteration in mind.

And even more reason for locals to applause the MC20’s arrival, the car is Maserati’s first to be conceived, designed, engineered, built ad tested entirely in Modena, where the company has been based for decades. It’s something the company is extremely proud of and an indication of its future plans following an impressive update to its historic factory in Viale Ciro Menotti within the city.

In terms of its appearance, the MC20 is pure Italian flair. Clean, fluid lines echo the beautiful landscapes of Modena, creating a streamlined body that looks as good as it drives. And, as pointed out by the design team, the first models were sculpted by hand in order to recover a tradition that dates back to 1914 – the year Maserati was founded. Elsewhere, the MC20 is built with a moving spoiler – guaranteeing optimal airflow – and butterfly doors that glide open like something from a Transformers movie, raise into the air with total expectation. 

Speaking on how the MC20 takes its cues from heritage Maserati designs, Head of Design Klaus Busse tells us: “MC20 is described as the purest expression of what the future of Maserati holds; yet, many don’t realize that this dynamic sculpture is also an ode to the brand’s past achievements. One of our main inspirations for MC20 came from the A6GCS Pinin Farina of the 1950s: no frills, no excess, just pure sculptural simplicity, matched by outstanding technical performance. With the A6GCS Pinin Farina, in fact, we have a naturally pure silhouette, praised for its simplicity, which is then contrasted by the exposed exhaust pipes underneath the driver’s door, showcasing its high degree of functionality.

The design philosophy of MC20 wasn’t the only aspect from the Brand’s past that we decided to incorporate within this car. In fact, some customers may notice echoes of Maserati’s MC12. For example the new face of Maserati – with the low front grill and the high headlights – was inspired by the MC12.”



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