circle of trust

Lucie and Luke Meier invite their favourite photographers to shoot Jil Sander’s latest campaign
Fashion | 30 July 2020
Text Finn Blythe

Joint creative directors at Jil Sander Lucie and Luke Meyer have embarked on a journey of mutual trust and respect for their latest campaign, inviting a close group of photographers to interpret the pair’s direction since taking the helm at the brand.


Anders Edström, Olivier Kervern, Stephen Kidd, Chris Rhodes, Lina Scheynius, and Mario Sorrenti have all answered the call, producing an exquisite constellation of images that reflect each photographers’ style as well as the core Jil Sander identity. Shot in colour and monochrome, the photographs provide an intimate look at the designerss lives through portraits of them, their partners and children, family members and friends, their pets or still life imagery, in the space of their homes and gardens.

“We are pleased by the fact that Anders, Olivier, Stephen, Chris, Lina, and Mario have accepted our invitation to work on a project together, somehow handing over to us the authorship of the whole work,” said Lucie and Luke. “It is a declaration of real trust and of a genuine desire to share. The result perfectly captures our intentions and the honesty of each individual’s commitment and work.”

The campaign forms the inaugural chapter of a wider project conceived by the design duo, which will continue to draw strength from collaborative projects to reveal the multidisciplinary interests that inform Jil Sander’s design codes. These projects are set to culminate in a published book. Watch the accompanying video by Stephen Kidd below.

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