Noses Elbows and Knees

Saint Laurent celebrate Mario Sorrenti’s collaboration with US artist John Baldessari
Art | 18 May 2020

Saint Laurent celebrates the partnership of two legendary names from art and fashion, US conceptual artist John Baldesarri and Italian-born fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti by exclusively launching the duo’s new collaborative tome, Noses Elbows and Knees at the house’s Rive Droite stores.

Taking the name of the pair’s 2017 exhibition held at New York’s Half Gallery curated by Neville Wakefield, the book features many of the works shown. Deconstructing familiar representations of beauty, the images show collaged amalgams of bodies in a state of flux. Not only do they play with period (substituting grainy sections of black and white with highly saturated, contemporary images), but the body, replacing faces with blocks of colour and tacking on foreign body parts.


“Both artist and photographer sought to excavate the familiar – the one by stripping it of clothes, the other of features,” said Wakefield in 2017. “So when in 2007…the opportunity for collaboration presented itself, connecting the two made both conceptual as well as artistic sense. Here, a long courtship of art and fashion could at last become a marriage, a true hybrid of crafted imagery and deconstructed purpose.”

Noses Elbows and Knees’ by Mario Sorrenti and John Baldessari will be exclusively available for a pre-order in Paris and Los Angeles Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores.


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