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Palm* Photo Prize’s 2020 shortlist showcases the best new photography talent
Art | 4 May 2020
Text Finn Blythe

Jorge Perez Ortiz

Top image: photography by Jorge Perez Ortiz 

London-based Palm* Photo Prize has announced it will go ahead with its third edition this year in spite of the widespread cancellation of events. An annual celebration of nascent photography talent, 108 photographs, whittled down from over 7000, have been chosen for this year’s shortlist, with the accompanying physical exhibition postponed until later in 2020.


The shortlist of names reflect the international appeal of this competition, founded by photographer Lola Paprocka, and free for anyone to contribute submissions (maximum two photographs per photographer). From Istanbul to Cape Town, Bristol to Brooklyn, many of the shortlisted works are available to purchase, with all profits going to the artist. Choosing not to impliment specific themes or subject matter, photographers are able to showcase their own unique aesthetic.

The judges will decide first and second-placed winners, while the two remaining prizes, will be decided by the public (People’s Choice Award) and Instagram (People’s Choice Instagram Award), set to be announced on 30th May. While this year’s nominations have gone live today, a print sale is in the works, with 100 percent of profits going straight into the artists’ pockets.

See a selection of shortlisted images above.

Nakao Kinichi

Find more information on the Palm* Photo Prize here.

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