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David Lynch and Martin Parr are selling prints to help fight New York’s COVID-19 outbreak
Art | 17 April 2020

‘Tokyo Punks’ 2014 / photography by Josh Olins

Top image: ‘Tokyo Punks’ 2014 / photography by Josh Olins

Last week, a series of photographers donated prints to raise money for Elmhurst Hospital Centre in Queens, currently the epicentre of New York’s COVID-19 outbreak. The initiative has been wildly successful so far, raising more than $370,000 to support the overwhelmed staff. But the pandemic continues to worsen, so a second round of fundraising has been announced.

This time around, 89 new photographers have been added to the list of prints for sale, all of which are available at a fixed price of $150 until April 20th. Amongst the new names are a series of art world heavy-hitters like David LynchJamie Hawkesworth, Martin Parr, Tyler Mitchell and Petra Collins, as well as rising stars like French duo Durimel and Bronx-based photographer Lelanie Foster. As a result of this careful curation, the website is full of variety: from conceptual, colour-soaked prints to abstract self-portraits and beautiful landscapes, there’s truly something for every collector to snap up for a good cause.


Each print is limited-edition and will be produced and shipped when non-essential businesses re-open, according to government guidelines. In the meantime, Queens is struggling to handle New York’s outbreak: alongside being the hardest-hit in terms of confirmed cases, it also has a comparatively large population and only three major hospitals.

So if you’ve ever been tempted to invest in fine art, now’s the time to lend your support and pick up a piece of beautiful, limited-edition work in the process.

A full list of available prints can be found at Pictures for Elmhurst.

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