Top image: still, ‘Twin Peaks’ dir. David Lynch

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since Twin Peaks first graced our screens. David Lynch‘s trailblazing, surreal series has become a firm cult classic over the last few decades, despite spanning just two original seasons. Fans have been teased over the years with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a 1992 prequel, as well as a 2017 reboot, but rumours of a fully-fledged return are still swirling, driven largely by fan demand.

To honour this legacy, Kyle MacLachlan – otherwise known as FBI Agent Cooper – is celebrating the anniversary by watching and live-tweeting the pilot episode alongside Mädchen Amick, who played beloved waitress and leading character, Shelly.

Both actors have asked fans to submit their questions to be answered on the Instagram Live, scheduled to start at 13:20 PST (21:20 in the UK). The live-tweeting will begin a few hours earlier, at 11:30 PST (19:30 GMT).

The show’s many unsolved mysteries are likely to remain unanswered – Lynch is a notoriously elusive auteur – but fans are sure to gain more insight into what it was like to work on one of TV’s most fabled sets, as well as a few easter eggs likely to please the show’s loyal fandom. So pour yourself a coffee, cut a slice of cherry pie and prepare to get lost all over again in one of Lynch’s most intriguing worlds.

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