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Loewe is streaming at-home artisan workshops to keep you inspired
By Jake Hall | Art | 1 April 2020

Artwork by Koichi Io

Top image: Koichi Io, courtesy of the artist

With its annual Craft Prize and regular spotlight on in-house artisans, it’s clear that Loewe – the revered Spanish label currently helmed by designer Jonathan Anderson – takes craft seriously. So it makes perfect sense that the next few days will see a series of talks and workshops streamed from the brand’s official Instagram account, starting tomorrow at 10am BST.

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‘LOEWE EN CASA’ is an ongoing series of online events and workshops taking place through Instagram LIVE to enjoy while you #StayAtHome. The second phase of the lineup continues to celebrate craft and artisanship, exploring the words and the work of collaborators from LOEWE cultural projects and the #LOEWEcraftprize. The continuation of the project merges the theoretical and the practical; curiosity and manuality. A live tour with @Koichi_Io will allow us a unique glimpse at the metal artist’s work and craft process. Koichi hails from a family of metalsmiths, using age-old techniques to create contemporary works demonstrating exceptional craftsmanship. Furniture designers Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley will engage in conversation with @LOEWEFOUNDATION President Sheila Loewe, exploring the duality of their craft process and their physical workshop space. Textile artist @Sophie.Rowley will hold a live tour of her Berlin studio where she creates works of multi-dimensional texture, transforming modest materials into patterns of compelling visual interest. #LOEWE #StayHome

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Entitled Loewe En Casa, the program kicks off with a live tour of metal artist Koichi Io‘s studio. The event also promises to offer insight into Io’s unique process, developed over several years and inspired by his own family lineage of talented goldsmiths.

Next up are furniture designers Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley, who will speak candidly not only about their designs, but also about living and working together, this Saturday at 14:00. They’ll also be answering questions live in conversation with Loewe Foundation President Sheila Loewe, and likely offering advice to budding artisans looking to find that elusive work-from-home harmony.

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As part of ‘LOEWE EN CASA’ – a series of online events and workshops to enjoy while you #StayAtHome – we will join Ikebana artist Watarai from his home studio to hold a live demonstration of the Japanese artform on our Instagram. Watarai works with flowers, twigs, branches and plants to create his Ikebana pieces, finding meaning and expression through placement, colour and materials. Sunday 29 March, 09:00 CET – Instagram LIVE #LOEWE #StayHome • 自宅での時間を楽しむための一連のオンラインイベント&ワークショップシリーズ、『ロエベ エン カサ』。 ロエベ公式Instagramアカウントでは、花道家である渡来徹氏が、自宅スタジオで日本の伝統的ないけばなパフォーマンスを披露する様子を、ライブデモンストレーションします。 渡来氏は、花、小枝、枝、植物を使っていけばなを形作り、その配置、色、素材によって表現します。 3月29日(日)16:00(JST)- Instagram Liveをお楽しみに。

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Finally, textile artist Sophie Rowley will wrap things up on Sunday at 14:00, taking viewers on a virtual tour of her Berlin studio. Her beautiful, multi-dimensional work is based on the premise of turning everyday materials into works of art, which arguably holds even more weight in the midst of a global lockdown. In other words: if you’re looking for inspiration, look no further.

‘Loewe En Casa’ kicks off tomorrow at 10am, live on the brand’s official Instagram.

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