All aboard

Rick Owens has created a customised bus
By Jake Hall | Fashion | 18 February 2020

Courtesy of Moncler

Rick Owens has pretty much never played by the fashion rulebook: from stacking models up as human backpacks to sending guys down the runway with their junk exposed, his disruptive vision has made him an industry favourite.

So, when Moncler approached Rick for a collaboration, he decided to do something different: create a customised tour bus, which would ferry him and ‘HUN’ (aka wife Michèle Lamy) to artist Michael Heizer’s ranch in Nevada – by way of Area 51, naturally.


Heizer’s “monumental land art piece city” immediately enticed Rick, who says he imagined himself in the shoes of Joseph Beuys, who travelled all the way to Germany back in 1980 to be enclosed in a room with a wild coyote. Owens’ own trip was arguably less dangerous, but the ranch has become a destination in its own right – and emblematic of Heizer’s practice, which uses land installations as a means to avoid the usual confines of galleries and museums.

Rick and Michèle made the trip wearing pieces created especially by Moncler, which will all be on display when the bus rolls into Milan tomorrow – just in time for fashion week. And, if you fancy investing in a unique art piece of your own, the bus will be available to order, too – the ultimate way to travel.

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