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Jil Sander are taking the stress out of formal dress with their latest capsule collection
Fashion | 18 February 2020
Text Finn Blythe

With their new SS20 capsule collection, Lucie and Luke Meier are refining their utilitarian design ethos of bold simplicity and comfort at Jil Sander, making clothes that work around the wearer, not vice versa. Launched exclusively with MATCHESFASHION, the collection will make up a new installation at 5 Carlos Place, providing an early opportunity to shop the clothes directly.


Since taking the helm in 2016, the Meier’s have prioritised practicality and intuition, beginning each collection with a conversation around what people look for in clothes. “We talk a lot about the feeling of really finding the comfort in clothes,” Lucie tells us in HEROINE 11. “We want to give people a positive feeling connected to good materials and good clothes.”

The 7-Day shirt collection, which makes up a significant part of this capsule, speaks of two designers who think deeply each season about what needs they are trying to meet. Creating not simply a shirt for each day of the week, but for specific days of the week, during which, depending on their proximity to the weekend, we are bound to feel differently about dressing smart.

“We already created the 7-Days shirt collection in white cotton and we really wanted to extend this idea of a uniform for the day to the evening as we have become really interested in eveningwear; seeing what a modern evening look really feels like – and what we really want to wear to formal functions…We talked a lot about the person going through the week, like “what do you feel like on a Monday and what do you want to wear by Thursday?” You’re already thinking about the weekend by Wednesday, so talking it through helped to find the right proposal for us.”

That question is emphatically answered for men and women, through a combination of capes, overcoats, tuxedos and dresses (as well as two styles of women’s handbags), all delivered with a customary pared-back aesthetic and exquisite tailoring.

The SS20 collection and exclusive styles will launch online at MATCHESFASHION and at 5 Carlos Place from Wednesday 19th February.

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