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Vivienne Westwood on tomorrow’s election: “One is a devil, one wants to make the world a better place”
Current affairs | 11 December 2019

Tomorrow is election day and the fate of our nation hangs in the balance. After months of campaigning, the usual litany of manifesto pledges and plenty of cross-party mud-slinging, what’s certain is the consequences of tomorrow’s outcome for the fashion industry, whose operations rely heavily on freedom of movement and international co-operation that could be taken away.

Unsurprisingly, Vivienne Westwood isn’t sitting on the fence for this one, instead choosing to make her feelings abundantly clear. “This is the most important election of the human race,” she says, “You have to vote Corbyn! One is a devil, one wants to make the world a better place.” Having been a leading voice in the fashion industry on a number of socio-political issues for decades, most recently in relation to the climate crisis, Viv has turned her attention to tomorrow’s election in spectacular fashion, with two hand-painted cartoons of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. No prizes for guessing who she’ll be voting for.

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