Street life to skyline

Three nascent London photographers capturing the city from their own vantage point
Art | 18 October 2019

Photography by Ron Timehin

London means something different to everyone who lives there. A city in constant evolution and flux, viewpoints can shift from sterile to surreal in the turn of a street corner. From a photographer’s eye, it’s these multifaceted contrasts that make London such a richly unique subject, and one that new publishing platform Trope has chosen to hone in on via its latest photographic city study. Having launched their City Edition series by curating a photographic essay of their native Chicago, Trope now land in Europe; first stop, London town.

Titled Trope City Edition: London, one arm of this new release is Trope’s emerging photographer series, in which the publisher spotlights three emerging UK photographers, Ron Timehin, Lucy Hamidzadeh and Ope Odueyungboeach; each capturing the spirit of the city in their unique way via individual, high-quality visual diaries.

Shining a light on this nascent talent, we speak to each of the three young photographers about the different aspects of London life that inform their work – from street life to skyline.


Lucy Hamidzadeh


“London is an amazing city, which I often have to remind myself. It’s culturally so diverse and I love that. Our architecture is quite amazing – it’s old, rich in history and so quintessentially classical. Yet, it’s also new, modern and our skyline is constantly changing. I do believe there is no other city like London. It’s home. We have so many different areas of the city – some pretty and some not so, but all have their own unique personality. I’m drawn to the gritty areas of the city – I feel that’s where you see real-life being played out. Our weather is temperamental too, and something we British love to talk about, from sunny days to torrential rain, both bring about interesting shooting conditions. Before photography, I would stay clear of cold, gloomy days, and now I think nothing of walking the streets on a dull, cold, rainy day.”

Follow Lucy’s work here.



Ope Odueyungbo


“What I love about London is how diverse it is, and how it’s always changing in terms of architecture – that’s probably one of the reasons why I love to shoot cityscapes. The skyline is constantly evolving, and I like looking back on what it was before to now. It’s always a plus when I can get another viewpoint due to a new building going up.

You have to get out there and walk the streets to see something great, and you have to keep your eyes open in a city like London that is forever on the go. There have been certain moments in London; a dramatic sunset from the top of a building looking out across the whole city that is just incredible, and that’s when I feel proud to call London ‘home’, it’s somewhere I feel comfortable. London is home to many creative talents and I’m constantly inspired by them and their perspective shooting in the city.”

Follow Ope’s work here.



Ron Timehin


“London is home. It’s where I have grown up. It’s like my playground. As a photographer there is an abundance to photograph; from the architecture to the people. There is so much diversity. Also, the community of photographers here means that there is always help and inspiration when you need it.

Photography to me as a creative outlet also serves as a way of documenting the life I see around me. Basically, a visual diary. The end goal is to leave a legacy through my work, and so that is what I am aspiring to do.” 

Follow Ron’s work here.


Trope will be exhibiting all three photographers’ work at Protein Studios, Shoreditch, on Saturday 19th October.
Find more information on Trope and Trope City Edition: London here.


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